Since we became parents for the third time we changed the perception of the world of fashion. After each of our children's birth, we have been incorporating certain routines in our day to day to get closer to a slow life in line with the practical and natural life style.
We discovered that there was another way to dress and feel the clothes, the greatness of being small and how important it is to build a childhood for our children, where they can feel the love and joy in each of their experiences.
We try to find unique items to build those great memories that will be part of them when they become adults. And with Biobuu we want to contribute to this beautiful task of dressing their daily life with quality, fun and in a respectful way with the environment.


We work with the best brands that use natural and sustainable materials, because quality is essential when we refer to children's clothing. We believe that respecting the environment is also possible with cool clothes and is also a good way to show our children another way to protect the planet.
We love finding new exclusive brands with beautiful stories behind the production processes in order to ensure its quality standards.
Our social consciousness is an added value because we're not only buying clothes, we are also building a better world for our children, providing them a good example to follow.
We bet for a timeless fashion, comfortable and eco friendly to dress our children in the coolest way to make a better world for them, at the same time. A perfect combination, do not you think?
Color, creativity and fun are the perfect conditions to describe the style you'll find at Biobuu. The perfect clothes to dream, to play and to create stunning memories of childhood. Each piece is an invitation to enjoy life!



We work under the slogan #slowquality4kids because our essence is Slow. Clothing produced at a slow, leisurely pace and appreciating the small details.
Quality, because our brands work with standards of quality and sustainability. Most of them work with organic cotton, natural or eco-friendly fabrics. And others produce under standards of local production.
And 4kids because the care of children is our main mission in the adventure of life as parents. We always want to offer the best, most special and unique designs.
With Biobuu want to contribute to the beautiful task of dressing their daily life with the best quality, having fun and in a respectful way with the environment. Do you wanna join us?


You can contact us for more information. We'll be happy to hear from you!

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